Don't waste your afternoon drawing UML Sequence Diagrams.
Just enter the description here, and click "draw". The SD/MSC Generator is an easy alternative
to using mouse-centric software tools like Microsoft Visio.

Sequence Diagrams, also known as Message Sequence Charts, are useful for describing a conversation between two or more things. They can be used to describe how networks work. Sequence Diagrams are also found in documentation and patents. With Web Sequence Diagrams, you can generate a diagram in seconds, when it would take as long as 20 minutes in other tools such as Microsoft Visio, Enterprise Architect, or Rational Rose. In addition, this tool draws sequence diagrams in styles so they look like they are drawn in Visio.

One of the most useful parts of UML is sequence diagrams, because they can describe how the parts of programs work together. The sequence diagram builder is an online tool that is as fast as other software. Our software can even be used to draw diagrams for patents and other legal documents.

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With other tools, it can take an hour to make a sequence diagram and line everything up. You can do the same thing in seconds with WebSequenceDiagrams, simply by writing the interactions down.

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